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08 August 2007

Indonesia Expo | 8-12

8 Aug 2007 - 12 Aug 2007
Jakarta International Expo - Kemayoran

Invesment and Business Opportunities in Every Province, Tourism Facilities and Services, Resource Products in Mining, Agriculture, Plantation, Land & Marine Fisheries, Wood & Rattan Products, Strategic Industrial Products, Natural-based Industrial Products, Textile, Garment, Original Batik & Accessories, Leather Goods & Leather-based Products, Handicrafts, Furniture & Gifts, Supporting Components for Large-scale Industries

One of the biggest, comprehensive, and prestigious international trade exhibition in Asia. This is the eight since the year 2000, featuring wide range of Handicrafts, Furnitures, Wooden Products, Gifts, Toys, Textile & Garments, Food & Beverage, Leather & Footwears, Agriculture, Forestry & Fishery Products, Natural Resources, Investment Opportunities and Services from local and overseas.

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